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  •  Strategic planning    

We help you create a master plan for the development of your company that will ensure the achievement of both its short and long term goals while optimizing its resources

  • Positioning         
    We create the most advantageous positioning of your company, focused on the way investors and strategic partners will view it

  • Preparation of key company documents       
    In a close interactive process, we prepare the key company documents that work well with investors, support programs and strategic players, including your business plan, presentations and video clips

Getting to the core of your business

  • Market research and application development         
    We help you form application and market strategies based on the way a novel technology can be applied to medical needs, market conditions and competitive efforts – one of the most decisive success factors for a company

  • Guidance for product development
    We guide your company towards the creation of a product design that will fit seamlessly into established clinical practice and will be comfortable and intuitive to the end user

  • Pre-market planning and strategy
    We identify the most direct path to the market and the way to optimize marketing efforts

  • Coaching and Mentoring
    We have a strong record of coaching and mentoring CEOs and key company officers on key business aspects in the life of a healthcare-related company. Using our unique approach, our trainees often come out on top. See Highlights

  • Submissions to the European Framework Programs 
    The success rate of submissions to major support programs such as Horizon 2020 is typically around 10-15% and many good projects fail because they are not written optimally in relation to the criteria used for evaluation. Based on extensive experience in evaluation and preparing proposals we offer preparation of proposals, assistance with organization of consortia and pre- submission optimization services

  • Commercial feasibility
    We assist primary technology innovators, such as research institutions and their Technology Transfer Offices, determining the commercial feasibility of novel technologies as a decision tool for investing in patenting and ways to commercialize

  • Due diligence     
    We scrutinize your investment targets for commercial viability and company quality

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