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MedTech to Business is a support- and consulting business for the Bio-Medical industry, with a core expertise in medical- and biomedical devices.

We specialize in strategy, business development and marketing issues for projects, companies, organizations and clusters, working at all stages from concept to full grown companies and organizations. We have extensive experience and expertise in long term focusing that is a prerequisite for building sound, efficient and goal oriented companies and organizations. We bring our unique insight to our customers, in order to help them create tailor-made work plans and organizational structures that will lead to successful achievement of their goals.

MedTech to Business provides a clear vision

We are active in Israel and Europe, with additional activities in the US.

In Europe, we have supported start-up companies in the Netherlands and France, coaching in Spain, advising the National Cluster Authority in Italy and working with the European support programs – FP6, FP7, Horizon 2020 and Eureka – at the European institutions in Brussels, and much more. In the US we have led the engagement of scientific advisors, sites for animal trials, development partners etc.

MedTech to Business is geared towards bringing young medical device companies successfully to maturity and to the market. Special areas of activity include focusing and positioning of Medical Device projects to become sustainable, business oriented companies with a vision, a clear road map and a fundable and reimbursable product that fulfills an unmet medical need; supporting and guiding the projects on a continuous basis through the maturation process, including facilitating international collaborations with key opinion leaders, centers of excellence for clinical trials and leading companies in the relevant sector; and positioning the company with investors and corporate partners.

On a different track, MedTech to Business supports Investors, Clusters, Incubators and Technology Transfer Offices with commercial feasibility assessments, due diligence and strategic planning.

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