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MedTech to Business has great success as Mentor at the Big Booster start-up boot-camp in Lyon, France, October 2016

The Big Booster boot-camp for start-up companies, running for the second consecutive year in Lyon, France, has become a major attractant for start-up and early stage innovation companies that seek to upgrade their ability to communicate efficiently with investors and potential business partners.

Nearly 100 companies participated in a framework where each group of four companies worked intensively with a small team of Mentors for three days, focusing their business cases and rebuilding their presentations. At the end, each company presented its pitch to the audience and a select panel of judges, competing for twenty tickets to an advanced workshop in Boston in February 2017.

Dr. Dan Gelvan was invited to participate as Mentor for a group of healthcare companies from diverse disciplines, including handheld ultrasound, heart failure, osteoarthritis and kidney dialysis, representing a broad geographical spread, from Bordeaux to Seoul. After three days of intensive work with four wonderful entrepreneurial teams, we were proud to see two of the four qualifying for the advanced workshop - a 50% success rate for our mentoring team on the background of a statistical chance of just over 20%.

Good luck to our winners Fineheart and Glomeria Therapeutics!

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